Pallet sale, repairing (reparation) and purchase of pallets,transport-logistics

We deliver both new and repaired
pallets by our own trucks.
We currently own and use 6 MERCEDES-BENZ vehicles
with standard emission of harmful gases (EURO 6),
and deliver our goods throughout the territory of RH and EU.

Along with delivery of pallets for our own purposes, we also, to a lesser extent offer the services of transport and logistics. Each of our trucks has a casco (all-risk) insurance policy for the goods in international transport.

Our trucks have all the up-to-date equipment and we invest quite a lot of effort and money in their maintenance, so as to be able to deliver pallets to our customers on time and with no difficulties at all.

We are also present at global freight exchange portals: LOG-NET and TIMOCOM

Repairing EURO-pallets

We are authorised for the repair of EUR/UIC pallets and possess adequate licence to do it.
Pallets are repaired at our premises: Ozalj, Slapno 14/B, Karlovac county.

Repair pays!

  • You can reduce your operating expenses by repairing your pallets.
  • We guarantee your pallets will be repaired in accordance with the prescribed standard and will be of adequate quality, all within a short period of time.

Systematic and organised work by our skilled employees, together with the use of electric electric forklifts, ensure efficient business processes.

The price of pallets restauration includes:

  • Hauling pallets away by PETKROV trucks,
  • Repair / restauration,
  • Delivering the repaired pallets at the customer's address.

Conditions for the pallets to be restaured:

  • No rotten boards or heavily damaged elements.
  • Marking the pallets repaired, visibility and recognition.

UIC logo can be found in the pallet lower left corner, manufacturer's name is in the central part, while the EUR logo can be seen in the left corner.

Damaged-broken EPAL/EUR
pallets to be repaired:

EURO pallet worn or broken parts 
(boards, cubes)

Repaired (restored) EPAL/EUR pallets:

Pallets restored in our repair centre.
Repaired EPAL/EUR pallets are ready to be used again after repair and are delivered to the customer as fault-free, used pallets, not as new.

Purchase of pallets

PETKROV purchases pallets in its business office in Zagreb.
Both new and broken pallets are accepted.

Working hours of the pallet
purchasing office:
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
For more information contact us at
Pallet purchase:
+385(0)91 622 7369