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Sale, purchase and repairing
of high-quality pallets

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Long tradition in
wood manufacture.

High-quality materials and services at acceptable prices,
adapted to the current market.

nce 2018, our key activities have been sale, as well as
purchase and repairing (reparation) of pallets.

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Most often encountered and most often demanded pallets in the market. They are used for business purposes by great majority of the companies.

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They are subject to no standard and thus can be of any possibly shape and size. 

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Special pallets are manufactured and procured on individual customer's order. You are free to contact us regarding all the information and dimensions required.

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Repairing EURO-pallets

You can reduce your operating expenses by repairing your pallets. We guarantee your pallets will be repaired in accordance with the prescribed standard and will be of adequate quality, all within a short period of time.

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Selling the pallets

Every EURO-pallet has a number of quality marks. We offer pallets manufactured according to all the appropriate norms and standards.

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Purchase of pallets

PETKROV purchases pallets in its business office in Zagreb.
Both new and broken pallets are accepted.

Working hours of the pallet
purchasing office:
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
For more information contact us at
Pallet purchase:
+385(0)91 622 7369